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The Body Spec van will be at our SPECIAL SUNDAY June 5th Open House from 12 noon to 6 pm. To schedule an appointment for your scan, click: https://www.bodyspec.com/scan-me/ironwerqs/2022-06-05
Scan Only Cost: (regularly $59.95) $49.95.

Copy & Paste this into your browser for a Sample Scan Report: https://static.bodyspec.com/doc/bodyspec-scan.pdf

If you are interested in personal training, we can schedule a free tour of IronWERQS, provide a complete fitness analysis (takes about an hour) and give you a $20 voucher toward your scan. Tour must be taken on or before June 5, 2022.
Tour, Assessment PLUS Scan: Only $29.95



You asked for it. You got it. Every Saturday in June, IronWERQS is holding an Open House from 2 PM to 6 PM.
Come check out the newest, cleanest private gym in the SCV.


About Us

IronWERQS is the next step in the evolution of health and fitness. While there are over 35 fitness "gyms" in the Santa Clarita Valley,
this is the ONLY one designed specifically for personal training.

•  Over 16 individual training stations

•  A small group training room

•  A dedicated stretching room

Our APPOINTMENT ONLY facility has everything for every
client’s training needs and is never overcrowded –
not even on a Monday night in January.

Conveniently located in the heart of Santa Clarita, just minutes away from Valencia, Canyon Country, Saugus and Newhall.


The Best Trainers Train Their Clients Here

We are dedicated to providing the safest and most professional facility in the SCV for personal training, rehabilitation,  and weight loss, enabling clients to achieve their health and fitness goals in the most effective ways possible.

Intense Training

Personal Trainers

The Best Trainers = The Best Results

Nutritional Cooking

Nutritional Counseling

Weight Management, Energy, Muscle Building



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Jeff Cordeiro

Managing Partner


Team Members


Jeff Cordeiro - Managing Partner

Jeff is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, fitness author, creator of The Rejuvenator Reset and inventor of the King TUT exercise methodology.

Twenty-five years ago, he was like most Americans, overweight and unhealthy; 60 pounds overfat, with high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, knees requiring 3 surgeries, whiplash from an accident, and scoliosis from birth. Having tried the traditional healthcare route with zero success, he began seeking alternatives.

Now, after 25 years of research and practical application, he has identified the holy grail of nutrition and exercise. He optimized his cholesterol, eliminated his arthritis, scoliosis, neck and knee pain and, at 65, is in the best shape of his life. He utilizes all of that knowledge and experience to help each of his client achieve their own health and fitness goals.

He and his partner designed and built IronWERQS Private Training Gym in Santa Clarita to provide the best personal training experience for clients and their trainers.

From Med-Balls to Barbells
Cable Machines
The Warm Up Area
Everything needed for Personal Training
The Cooldown/Stretching Room


What People Are Saying


"He gave me what my doctors failed to give me; the tools and the knowledge necessary to change from a weight-loss plan to one of whole body fitness. I now know that I can have a healthy and vibrant life through the strategies that I have learned from Jeff. I have lost 160 pounds while building a stronger body."

Carol C., Valencia, CA


"I learned rather quickly, how out of shape I was, and the vicious cycle I was in. I began working out regularly, but more importantly, I was eating the proper amounts of protein and carbs that my body needed to build muscle and burn fat. When I stepped on the scale at the end of 12 weeks to hear that my body fat had dropped to 16%, I was amazed."

Darren G., Santa Clarita, CA


"I had a thyroid condition. By following his program, I no longer need to take my meds. I have never felt or looked more fit or had more endurance and energy. If his methods worked for me, I know they can work for you. There is no one more passionate or knowledgeable in this subject."

Katrina S., Carson, CA


"Since starting the program; my immune system has been stronger than ever before. My allergies and eczema disappeared as well! So pick a goal.  Try this program, and feel better than you ever have before!”

John B., Valencia, CA

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20655 Soledad Canyon Road, Suite 24
Santa Clarita CA 91351


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